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MediaHub Mini Extender

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Flush-mount adapter plate & Trim combines TeleAdapt MediaHub Mini connectivity panel with PowerHub for an all-in-one connectivity station for the hotel room.


MediaHub Mini offers USB fast-charging for mobile devices. Bluetooth pairing means that your guests can listen to their music over the TV speakers without docking the phone, providing the freedom to roam and multi-task. HDMI is the universal method for connecting mobile phones, tablets, laptops, digicams, and gaming consoles to HDTV’s. This compact and attractive product puts two additional power outlets, and an Internet plug-in jack or Ethernet right at your guest’s fingertips. Or, add to the MediaHub™ products to the PowerHub and create the MediaHub Extender™, a guest entertainment connectivity panel with additional power and data.


-Adapter Plate combines MediaHub Mini and PowerHub for complete multimedia connectivity station for the guest-room.

-MediaHub Mini provides Audio / Video and USB Charging connections for guest devices (Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones, Game Consoles and more), including HDMI, Audio, and Bluetooth Wireless Audio.

-PowerHub presents two easy-to-find guest-facing power outlets, available in choice of US, UK or EU sockets and optionally an Ethernet jack – or USB charging ports.

-Designed to flush-mount into case-goods.

-Prevents guests tampering with existing TV connections and fixture wall plugs.

-Includes mounting plate and screws, front trim available with brushed nickel accents or in pure black.

– MediaHub and PowerHub panels sold separately.




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