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Sound Rise Classic

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Sound Rise Classic Hotel is a classic alarm clock and bedside speaker to complement a modern lifestyle. With an “Easy-to-read” dial, “Easy-to-set” controls plus a precision quartz movement with smooth sweep motion for silent operation for hotel guests. Bluetooth allows guests to stream and enjoy their music with balanced audio.


  • Dual high current USB power ports located on the top to charge mobile phones and tablets.
  • Bluetooth 4.2 wireless to stream audio wirelessly from your mobile devices.
  • Precision quartz movement with continue and smooth sweep motion.
  • Full alarm clock features with snooze, gradual wake up volume and choose to wake up to Bluetooth, Line-in or built-in alarm chime.
  • Easy-to-set alarm set knob on the side.
  • UQ3 sound enhancement processing.
  • Security lanyard and PSU securing guard.
  • Backup battery for clock.
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